The Mission of the Elizabethtown Airport Board is to manage Addington Field - Elizabethtown Regional Airport, to monitor the aviation needs of the community, and to identify expansion opportunities to ensure that the airport will adequately serve the citizens of Elizabethtown in the future.

Addington Field - Elizabethtown Regional Airport (also known by its three letter identification code—EKX) is one of the most modern airports in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. EKX is a public general aviation airport sponsored by the City of Elizabethtown and is managed by an autonomous Board of Directors appointed by the City. The airport operates under Federal and State regulations.

EKX first opened for business in 1982 and has been expanded several times. EKX is conveniently located on the west side of Elizabethtown near the intersection of Ring Road and St. John Road and lies within the city’s regional industrial park, just minutes from Fort Knox and all major freeways.

Significant efforts are underway by the Elizabethtown Airport Board to re-establish commercial airline service at EKX, with its Airline Service Restoration Project recognizing the rapid growth that is occurring in the area. When new service is established, EKX will serve a 24-county region.