EKX Airport Concept Terminal Design Unveiled

Elizabethtown, Kentucky
(October 15, 2007)

New Design is Intended to Assist in Airline Recruiting Effort

The Elizabethtown Airport Board today unveiled its concept design for a new passenger airline terminal at the Elizabethtown Regional Airport (EKX).

Joe Yates, Chairman of the Elizabethtown Airport Board, stated that the effort to restore passenger airline service at EKX is well underway and substantial support for the project has been lined up through the new Partnership for Central Kentucky Airline Service. One of the key issues which needs to be addressed is that of developing a new passenger terminal at the Addington Field airport.

“Recently, the Elizabethtown Airport Board commissioned a concept design for the passenger terminal from LHB Architects of Elizabethtown. The intent is to illustrate what a passenger terminal might look like at EKX and to provide the renderings to potential airlines.

Chairman Yates stated, “We wanted a design that will serve the community, Fort Knox and the region for many years to come. The design that LHB has provided meets those goals. The concept terminal is “green” in its design contributing to its overall efficiency and expandability.”

landside view of concept terminal for EKX Airport
EKX Concept Terminal Design – Landside Elevation

airside view of concept terminal for EKX Airport
EKX Concept Terminal Design – Airside Elevation

Luke Schmidt, consultant to the Elizabethtown Airport Board commented, “The new concept terminal design provides a dramatic portal to the entire region. This facility will make a positive first impression on each and every traveler who flies through EKX.”

The concept terminal is encased in glass which will allow for lots of natural sunlight to filter through the facility. Travelers will be able to watch aircraft operations. The design includes a USO lounge, a business center and a restaurant.

Both Yates and Schmidt stated that the final design may differ from the concept design; however, this provides the Airport Board with a concept which can be discussed with potential airlines. By commissioning the concept design now, the Airport Board will also be able to incorporate design suggestions from the airlines and the United States Transportation Security Administration which will improve the efficiency of the design.

The unveiling of the concept terminal design comes on the heels of the launch of the Elizabethtown Airport Board’s new Web site (www.ekxairport.com) which is designed to provide information about the airport and the airline service project. The project continues to generate substantial support from throughout Central Kentucky.

To date, 72 government jurisdictions, chamber boards and industrial development boards have passed formal resolutions of support for the project. The Board has received over 140 letters of support for the project.

The Elizabethtown Airport Board is a not for profit organization which operates the municipal airport in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Elizabethtown Regional Airport (EKX) began operations in 1982 as a general aviation airport and is currently engaged in efforts to restore commercial airline service to the field. EKX includes a 6,000 foot long runway which is “regional jet ready” with complete general aviation services. An Instrument Landing System (ILS) (localizer) has been installed which further enhances safety and increases the airport’s all-weather operational capacity. EKX plans to build a passenger terminal should commercial airline service be restored.

(Note: members of the media may obtain an electronic version (.jpg file) of the airport’s logo and the renderings of the concept terminal by contacting Luke Schmidt by calling 502.292.2898, or via E-Mail, lbschmidt@lbschmidt.com)