Regional Support Growing for New Airline Service at EKX

Elizabethtown, Kentucky
(July 16, 2007)
Joe Yates 502.624.8672
Luke Schmidt 502.292.2898

70 Groups Support New Airline Service at
Elizabethtown Regional Airport Through the Partnership for Central Kentucky Airline Service

The Elizabethtown Airport Board today announced the development of substantial support for new commercial airline service at the Elizabethtown Regional Airport (EKX).

During the past several months, the Airport Board’s consultant, Luke Schmidt, has met with numerous government jurisdictions, chamber boards and industrial development boards throughout the 24 county Elizabethtown Regional Air Service Market. During these meetings and presentations, Schmidt has presented the project as a means by which to further connect the entire region to the global economy.

In addition, groups throughout the region have recognized the value that new airline service will bring in terms of providing an additional selling point for prospective new businesses and industry, thereby helping to create thousands of new jobs in the future.

As of today, 70 organizations have formally considered and passed resolutions of support for the development of new airline service at EKX. In addition, over 100 letters of support have been received from elected officials, business and industry leaders and individuals.

Joe Yates, Chairman of the Elizabethtown Airport Board stated, “The Board is pleased with the overwhelming support that it has received from all of these organizations. This support clearly indicates that the region is ready to embrace new airline service.”

Luke Schmidt stated that outreach efforts have also extended to Fort Knox. “With all of the changes that are coming to the Post as a result of BRAC, the leadership at Fort Knox has clearly recognized the benefits of having convenient and cost effective air travel only 15 minutes away and is very supportive of our efforts. This effort has truly become a regional project in every sense of the word.”

Following is a list of the organizations which have passed formal resolutions of support:

  • Adair County Fiscal Court
  • Albany City Council
  • Albany/Clinton County Chamber of Commerce
  • Bardstown City Council
  • Barren County Fiscal Court
  • Beaver Dam City Commission
  • Breckinridge County Chamber of Commerce
  • Breckinridge County Emergency Medical Service
  • Breckinridge County Fiscal Court
  • Breckinridge County United
  • Butler County Fiscal Court
  • Campbellsville City Council
  • Campbellsville – Taylor County Industrial Development Authority
  • Caneyville City Council
  • Central City City Council
  • Clinton County Fiscal Court
  • Cloverport City Council
  • Columbia/Adair County Chamber of Commerce
  • Columbia/Adair County Industrial Foundation
  • Columbia/Adair County Tourism Commission
  • Columbia City Council
  • Edmonton City Council
  • Edmonton/Metcalfe County Industrial Foundation
  • Elizabethtown City Council
  • Elizabethtown/Hardin County Chamber of Commerce
  • Elizabethtown/Hardin County Industrial Foundation
  • Elizabethtown Independent School District
  • Elizabethtown Tourism & Convention Bureau
  • Glasgow/Barren County Industrial Development Economic Authority
  • Glasgow City Council
  • Grayson County Chamber of Commerce
  • Grayson County Fiscal Court
  • Grayson County Tourism Commission
  • Greater Muhlenberg County Chamber of Commerce
  • Greenville City Council
  • Hancock County Fiscal Court
  • Hardin County Board of Education
  • Hardin County Fiscal Court
  • Hart County Chamber of Commerce
  • Hart County Fiscal Court
  • Hart County Industrial Authority
  • Hartford City Council
  • Hodgenville City Council
  • Hodgenville/Larue County Industrial Foundation
  • Irvington Heritage/Main Street Council
  • Larue County Chamber of Commerce
  • Larue County Fiscal Court
  • Larue County School District
  • Leitchfield City Council
  • Leitchfield/Grayson County Industrial Development Corporation
  • Lincoln Trail Area Development District
  • Marion County Fiscal Court
  • Meade County Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Meade County Fiscal Court
  • Metcalfe County Fiscal Court
  • Monroe County Fiscal Court
  • Morgantown/Butler County Chamber of Commerce
  • Morgantown City Council
  • Muhlenberg County Fiscal Court
  • Nelson County Economic Development Agency
  • North Hardin Economic Development Authority
  • Ohio County Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio County Fiscal Court
  • One Knox
  • Radcliff City Council
  • Radcliff – Hardin County Chamber of Commerce
  • Russell County Chamber of Commerce
  • Russell County Fiscal Court
  • Taylor County Fiscal Court
  • Tompkinsville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce

Each of the organizations listed above, along with the elected officials, business and industry leaders and individuals who have sent letters of support will now become part of a new umbrella group – the Partnership for Central Kentucky Airline Service (Partnership). The Partnership is a non-legal, non-financial and non-binding group that has been established by the Elizabethtown Airport Board as a means to promote the substantial support for the airline service project at EKX with potential airlines.

Several projects are underway to support the recruitment of new airline service at EKX. The City of Elizabethtown recently applied for a grant from the United States Department of Transportation’s Small Community Air Service Development program which, if awarded, will be used to assist in the start-up of service. A new Web site will go online in about two weeks to promote the project.

The Elizabethtown Airport Board is a not for profit organization which operates the municipal airport in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Elizabethtown Regional Airport began operations in 1982 as a general aviation airport and is currently engaged in efforts to restore commercial airline service to the field. The airport is promoted by use of its three letter identification code: EKX. EKX includes a 6,000 foot long runway which is “regional jet ready” with complete general aviation services. An Instrument Landing System (ILS) (localizer) has been installed which further enhances safety and increases the airport’s all-weather operational capacity. EKX plans to build a passenger terminal should commercial airline service be restored.

Note: members of the media may obtain an electronic version of the new logo by contacting Luke Schmidt by calling 502.292.2898, or via E-Mail,