Elizabethtown Airport Board to Seek Commercial Airline Service

Elizabethtown, Kentucky
(September 12, 2007)
Joe Yates 502.624.8672
Luke Schmidt 502.292.2898

Airport Board’s New Web Site to Promote Elizabethtown Regional Airport and Support Bid for Passenger Airline Service

The Elizabethtown Airport Board today announced the development of its new Web site.  The new Web site has been officially launched and can be visited at the following URL address: www.ekxairport.com

Joe Yates, Chairman of the Elizabethtown Airport Board, stated that the Web site has two primary objectives: to promote the airport and the services that it currently offers, along with providing updated information on efforts to restore passenger airline service at the field.

“Elizabethtown Regional Airport,” said Yates, “provides many services to the flying public and supports area businesses and industries by providing a modern, all-weather airport capable of handling any private and most corporate aircraft.  EKX also provides a portal to the region for freight that is being sent or received on a time-critical basis.  Our new Web site provides a lot of useful information for users of the airport.”

Luke Schmidt, the consultant to the Airport Board who is leading efforts to restore passenger airline service at EKX also commented that the Web site will provide important information to interested parties about the project and that the site will be updated frequently.  “In today’s digital world, every project such as this one needs a Web site to support it.  The new EKX Web site provides additional information on the market along with airport information and regional support,” stated Schmidt.

The Web site provides several areas of information, including a detailed history of aviation in Elizabethtown (starting with a reference to the first known U.S. Airmail airport in the Glendale area in the 1930s), airport information for pilots, and information on the airport’s fixed base operator (Elizabethtown Flying Service).

Additionally, the site also provides an overview of efforts underway to restore passenger airline service.  Members of the newly formed Partnership for Central Kentucky Airline Service are also listed.  The Partnership includes 72 government jurisdictions, chamber boards, industrial development boards and other key entities that have passed formal resolutions of support for the project.  Also included in this section of the Web site is a listing of the 140+ elected officials, business and industry officials and individuals who have sent letters of support for the project.

Archived press releases and news articles can also be found on the site.  The Airport Board plans to offer reciprocal links to Web sites belonging to members of the Partnership for Central Kentucky Airline Service.  These links should be up and running within the next two weeks and will provide a valuable two-way promotional link for both the airport and the members of the Partnership.

The Elizabethtown Airport Board is a not for profit organization which operates the municipal airport in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Elizabethtown Regional Airport began operations in 1982 as a general aviation airport and is currently engaged in efforts to restore commercial airline service to the field.  The airport is promoted by use of its three letter identification code: EKX.  EKX includes a 6,000 foot long runway which is “regional jet ready” with complete general aviation services.  An Instrument Landing System (ILS) (localizer) has been installed which further enhances safety and increases the airport’s all-weather operational capacity.  EKX plans to build a passenger terminal should commercial airline service be restored. 

(Note: members of the media may obtain an electronic version of the new logo by contacting Luke Schmidt by calling 502.292.2898, or via E-Mail, lbschmidt@lbschmidt.com)